Apr 25

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TaylorMade SLDR Rescue

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Rescue Club / Shaft Flex

TaylorMade SLDR Rescue

Matching Head Cover and universal tool Included
SLDR Hybrid/Rescue: #2 (17 degree), #3 (19 degree), #4 (21 degree), #5 (24 degree), SEE DROP DOWN MENU

Stock Shaft: Speeder 82h
Flex: X-Stiff, Stiff, Regular, SEE DROP DOWN MENU

Condition: Most clubs have seen little use. The clubs will likely have little wear and/or paint chip(s). These are ARP clubs. ARP stands for Asset Recovery Product. We have been purchasing ARP products from Taylor Made for over 13 years. The TaylorMade product comes from retail stores or pro shops. These stores return products to TaylorMade for several reasons (over ordering, making room for new inline product, etc.). Once received by TaylorMade, they stamp each club ARP so that they know the history of the item. We purchase these ARP items from Taylor Made and advertise them as almost new since the majority of the items have been taken out of their original plastic bag. These are original Taylor Made first line items. TaylorMade says no warranty, but we have never had any problems returning items when problems occur and having them repaired or replaced. So, we offer a full warranty on each ARP club.


SLDR fairways woods and Rescue clubs combine two of TaylorMade’s most recent innovations: Speed Pocket technology and an exceptionally low-and-forward center of gravity (CG) location.


Smaller is better. The new Speed Pocket is smaller (introduced in the RocketBallz fairways and Rescues), which actually makes it more efficient at increasing how fast the face flexes at impact, promoting faster initial ball speed across a wider portion of the face, which helps you get consistently long distance on every swing.


The new Speed Pocket design also gave TaylorMade engineers room to move the club head’s CG lower and farther forward, to a place that promotes faster ball speed and a lower spin-rate.


We learned with the SLDR driver that a low-forward CG location allows many players to increase their loft to achieve the right combination of high-launch / low-spin that promotes maximum distance. The same thing goes for SLDR fairway and Rescues, which is where our Loft Sleeve technology serves such an important purpose, by allowing you to adjust the loft 1.5° up or down to dial in their optimal launch conditions.


Visually, SLDR fairways and Rescues incorporate the same rich, charcoal-gray crown and traditional shaping as the SLDR driver. The dark crown-color contrasts beautifully with the silver-colored club face to make it easy to align the face accurately at address.


Improved Speed Pocket design allows further-forward CG for increased ball speed

Exceptionally low-and-forward CG location promotes faster ball speed and lower spin

Compact head size and shallow face for easy launch and playability from every lie

TaylorMade loft-sleeve technology allows ±1.5° loft change

Charcoal-gray crown and titanium-gray high-contrast face for easy alignment

High loft options work with low-forward CG to promote high launch and long carry