Matrix Ozik XCon Code 6.2 Shaft


Shaft Flex
Matrix Ozik XCon Code 6.2
Flex: X-Stiff, Stiff, Regular, SEE DROP DOWN

Mid launch
Firm Tip
Mid/Low Spin
46 inch length
Tip Parallel 3.0
Torque 4.9
X-Stiff weight 68.5g, Stiff weight 67g, Regular weight 65.5

The beautiful new Ozik Code 6 is the latest in the new Ozik franchise from Matrix. Tour pros complained that most ultra light shafts lack "feel". The Code 6 features a heavier tip section that promotes momentum and more head feel. The mid section is where things get interesting. Code 6 has 50 count boron placed 10-12" from the butt of the shaft for a special "hinge" in the mid section for a very high moment of inertia. Code 6 is 65 grams, 3.2 torque and offers a mid ball flight for those looking to lower their trajectory.